Friday, January 11, 2008

I Love This Man....

I know you have heard me say this time and time again but it is so true. I really do love this man. He has the most beautiful soul and is very compassionate about our relationship. The last couple of days I was feeling a little negative about certain things around me and I was so ready to through in the towel. Then all he has to do is hold me and tell me that I will be OK and that I will make it past this and I fell so much better. I feel ready to take on the world again. How is it possible that one man can make me feel this way? I am really not sure but he does and I love it.
OK enough being mushie. Here is a sneak peek at the January Kit from Tallyscrapper . Can you say yummy? TTFN

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Happy New Year....

I know this is late, but better late than never. I set up the tri-pod and got in the picture this time. I think I did a good job. Nayshawn was able to ring in the new year with us but Niah fell asleep about half an hour before midnight.
So far my 2008 has been great. I have been spending time with family and friends. The kids have been on winter break and enjoying the time off. But it will be back to school for them tomorrow. Boy the two weeks just flew by. Yesterday we went to the Miami Children's Museum. This is part of my New Year's resolution. One planned outing per month for the entire year for a total of 12 planned outings. It was a lot of fun. Check out the pics below. Also some new Layouts for the new year.
And I saved the best news for last. I made on the Tallyscrapper design team. This is especially exciting for me because I have grown to just love everyone there. And I was already planning a trip to meet a lot of the wonderful and talented women from that site in Wisconsin in February.

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