Monday, February 23, 2009

Spent Saturday in Orlando (Downtown Disney). Nayshawn had his first performance as part of his dance team and they did great. We decided it would be fun to ride the bus with the rest of performers so he could have that experience but I am not sure if we will do that again. The trip just seemed to drag and then we had to wait for missing kids. It was just to much for me. But it was a fun experience and the kids enjoyed it. Here are so pics:
That was us the last one Peaches School of Dance.
We stop off in the Lego store to pick up some Lego pieces. Then we ate at the TRex. A very fun place full of dinos and every 20 minutes there is a meteor shower and the dinos make all sorts of noise.
And here is my baby on stage doing his thing.

I promised a pic of my latest painting. So here it is.

TTFN .... I promise I will try to update more often.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Well .... let's see .... what have I been doing? Now that I think about it nothing really. Just working and taking care of home. No wild adventures or anything like that. Been readying the Twilight series books. I love it I have finished Twilight and I am half way through New Moon. I think I should be ready to move on the Eclipse by Next week.

I just found out that the dance team Nay is on will be performing at Disney on the 21st. I am so excited. This will be his first of quite a few performances this year.

Took a little family portrait the other night. Might blow this one up. I have plans to create a picture wall in my living room.

Nay took this one of me and Niah. He is getting really good at this. He want his own camera. Maybe for is birthday.

I haven't done much creating but I have some projects in my head that I would like to see come to life. Will probably start those soon. Oh I did do a painting but I will have to post pics of that later.

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