Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March 16

Hey guys. How have you been? Still no job on this end and the pickings are slim. I'm not complaining though because it really could be alot worse. I did volunteer to help administer the FCAT at the kids' school last week. I was put in an advanced 3rd grade class. I must say the kids were very well behaved. It was a very interesting experience. If all classes were like that one I might consider a career change.
Other than that I have been trying to help hubby with his business. It's been fun spending time with him although I don't do much. Besides that I've been doing the Mommy thing and trying to enjoy this time I have off. Nay actually has a performance this Sunday. You know I'm excited about that.
Oh I do have plans to redo my bedroom. I've already bought the paint. Just waiting for hubby to plaster some cracks and if he waits to long I'll just do it myself.
Check out this pic of Me and Star chillin' on one of those cold FL days...LOL
Be Back Soon .... I Promise.

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