Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My kids My life....

It has been so hard to stay focused with all that has been going on lately. The kids are back and in school. That means I am up earlier in the mornings and off to work earlier. Then it is picking them up and making sure homework is done and that they are fed, showered and in bed by 9. This morning was a mission. Niah complaining about her shoes not fitting properly. This is normally what happens when she doesn't want to wear the shoes I pick out. 10 minutes of whining. That is so annoying. But I felt bad for yelling at her cause when we were walking to school she told me sorry for whining. "Sorry for whining Mommy," in that squeaky little voice that melts my heart. She really is such a sweet baby. Nayshawn is trying to get use to having to wait for her in the mornings. This morning he walked off and left her. I can understand his frustrations having two younger brothers myself.
I still can't understand, when I look at Nayshawn he seems to be growing so fast. When I look at Niah she is getting older but seems so little. I guess that is the result of being a preemie or is it all just in my head? The bottom line is my babies are getting bigger and it is so bitter-sweet for me.
I have been feeling like I am moving a warp speed. So last night I slowed it down a bit and did two layouts. Both with some really bright colors to help make me smile.

Friday, August 24, 2007

One Full Week of School .....

This week kinda flew by. Kids are doing really well in school. No complaints. Nayshawn is learning plot graphs. I know it was a long time ago but I really don't remember learning about plot graphs in 2nd grade. I am glad that he finds it interesting. Niah is learning really basic stuff that is kinda pissing her off. She wants to learn things she doesn't know yet. But I keep tell her it will soon come. Her book bag got a mysterious whole in it so I had to get her a new one. Her sneakers she claimed was squeezing her pinkie toes so I had to buy her new shoes. That little girl is expensive. Overall she is having a good time. Tonight they get to pick what they eat for dinner and I really hope it is not McDonald's.
My weekend - My girlfriend is having a baccalaureate party complete with stripper. I have not watched a stripper since I was in college. I think it should be entertaining. After the stripper we should be headed to the club. I plan on sleeping in on Sunday for sure.
I really don't want to leave you without a picture, so here you go.

Monday, August 20, 2007

First Day of School....

Well the first day of school is finally here. I am so glad.... some normality. Niah started Kindergarten. I thought she would be sad because she had been saying she didn't want to go but she gave no problems. I think it is because she has Nayshawn's Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Diaz who she is familiar with. I love it when things go smoothly. Nayshawn on the other hand was so ready he got up early yesterday and packed his book bag. I took the day off work so I will be going over to the school to watch and make sure they get on the correct bus for after care.
Oh the pic of Nayshawn in his class is so far because he didn't want me to embarrass him by taking pics of him in his classroom. Imagine that. Now to do some scrapping.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Getting Ready for School....

Went to Six Flags over Georgia on Saturday. This was our last outing before school. It was extremely hot. Of course we had to go in the mist of a heat wave. Niah was very disappointed because she really could not go on a lot of rides. I stayed back with her and did other little things. Over all it was a great experience. Thanks to my brother Gavin for giving us the tickets. I love you babe.
Had to head back to those track one last time before we left GA. This time I brought the tutu. I love that thing. This is one of the few pics that I like from the many I took. Niah was tired and wouldn't cooperate. So most of the pics are here with her face all made up.
Well, things are slowly getting back to normal after a very fun and short summer. The kids are back home and preparing to head back to school next week. They loved Georgia but are happy to be home. Niah is excited about going to Kindergarten and Nayshawn is happy to be going back to see his friends. Niah is going tomorrow for her screening and then Friday she meets her teacher. I have no babies anymore. I have started my new hours this week. Yesterday was not so bad but this morning was very hard for me. My brothers and cousins were over til late last night and I woke up a little late. I will get the hang of this soon. I have no choose school starts on Monday.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

What Do Patents Do When the Kids Are Away????

They play with the camera and take pics of themselves. LOL.

Me and Ezzy bugging out last week.

Thought I would share.

I was practicing using my tripod.

Does this picture make my butt look fat??

Monday, August 06, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Hellooooooooo! Sorry, haven't blogged in a while. Been busy enjoying the summer. The kids have been having a wonderful time in Georgia but I think they are ready to come home. And, yes I think I am ready for them to come home as well. I have had fun enjoying life without kids this summer but for the most part I really missed them. And I don't think I or they will be going anywhere for a while. We leave on Friday to go get them and bring them back. I think I have gotten everything for them for school. I have also changed their daycare and in doing that I have had to change my work hours from 9-6 to 8:30-5:30. Niah will go for her Kindergarten screening next Wednesday and then the 20th they are back in school. Wow, the summer is done. Well, don't know how much blogging I will be doing this week since Ezzy and I will be spending every night this week together doing something. But I will be on when I get back on the 12th. Enjoy the remainder of your summer. ((hugs)) Shawna Here Are some recent LO's using the TallyScaler and Red Velvet July kits. The first 2 are with the Red Velvet Kit and the last is with the TallyScrapper Kit.

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