Thursday, September 21, 2006

What's making me happy these days.

In no particular order. 1. Justin Timberlake - that boy is off the chain. I am loving the new album. 2. Pier 1 Imports - if I could furnish and decorate my entire house from this store I would. 3. School - Niah, Nayshawn and Myself are all doing great in school. 4. Work - I just got a new position and I am so excited about that. 5. Camera - I am loving my new camera. I am learning how to capture my special moment in new exciting ways. 6. My Car - My Scion XB, I am loving my new car. $28 fills the tank and it lasts me a week. Also it is so roomy enough that I don't miss my SUV. 7. Ezzy - He is so good to me. I love him so much. (I don't think I say that as often as I should). 8. Colors - Loving the impact colors are having on the way I am feeling lately. I am slowly transforming my house (color wise) into a very happy place to be. I am Loving Yellows, Reds, Greens and Oranges. 9. Pedicures - Need to get them more often. 10. Hugs - Hugs from the Kids and especially from Ezzy. Did I mention that I love this man? LOL

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Christine R said...

Congrats Shawna! I, too, am lovin' me some Sexy Back!

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