Sunday, January 07, 2007

The land of Make believe..

So I was in Michael's yesturday and after I promised myself I would not get anything else for the kids that they didn't need. I saw a lonely box of dress-up

clothes for only $8. I sat there in the store and tried to talk myself out of buying it for a good 5 minutes. People were walking by looking at me like I was crazy. After all of that I just couldn't resist. I bought it for Niah and of course she loved it.

After all isn't that what being a kid all about. Having fun being the princess or the fairy or both. Shoot, sometimes I still pretend. I pretend to be sipping Martini's on my own private island.

I took down the tree today too. Now things are really back to normal. I miss the lights though.


Vee said...

she looks so cute playing dress up!

Christine R said...

is there a greater gift when your a little girl? I still remember my dress-up clothes and she is just beautiful!

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