Thursday, October 23, 2008

October 23rd ......

I plan on having a great day today. I figure if I tell myself that enough I will actually start to believe it. Been feeling like I am in a rut lately. Hopefully it won't be for long. I hate feeling this way. I went on vacation thinking it would help but I am back to feeling down. I plan on taking the kids out this weekend and maybe happy hour with some friends on Friday just to do something and not think about how life is going for me right now.
So I had a big bowl of granola this morning and had a little time so decided to blog. It feels good to share the little world I call my own with others sometimes.
Wanted to share my two most favorite accessories in the world right now. My two new purses. Aren't they gorgeous? They hold all of my things and the fifty other things that Nay and Niah give me to hold through out the course of a day. LOL
And last I will leave you with a layout I did a couple of days ago. This really says it all about how I am feeling. When I saw this new Bazzill cardstock I knew I had to have it. I didn't even have the heart to cut it so I used the entire piece as is. LOL !! I love it. Have a great day everyone.


rachel whetzel said...

LOVE. This is just too cool!! LOVE what you did with the blue color. Hope your day is GOOD. You deserve GOOD.

latte_grande said...

Aw, {{{{HUGS}}}} honey! I'm so sorry you're feeling're such an amazing, sweet, beautiful, caring person. Take care of YOU, k?

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