Monday, March 05, 2007

I am Feeling Soooo Old....

I turned 30 in October and up until now I really have not felt old. But tonight I really felt old. The other night my younger brother Kevin who is 7 years my junior told me that he was interested in buying a house in my neighborhood. Then tonight he came and picked me up and we went to look at the house. Wow, I use to take care off him while my mom went to work and school and now he is a man looking to buy a house. He turns 23 on Wednesday and I so happy that he is developing into a strong and smart young man. And that we have a great sibling relationship. I am truely proud of him.
I also realized that my baby Niah will be going to Elementary School in August. Oh My Gosh, how can this be? I was just changing her diaper and now she will be going to the big school she has been asking my about for the last two years.

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Christine said...

ah how sweet that your brother would want to move onto the same street! A testament to a wonderful family! I know when I turned 30 I started to feel the world around me was aging but I still felt the same!

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