Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bad Blogger ... Spank on the Hand

Ok I really am neglecting my blog. I don't mean to but it just seems like this month has been so crazy. It has just been one thing or the other. Then I was sick last week. But I feel like things are finally getting back on track. The kids are in their routines again and I am comfortable with how my days are going. I have opted not to do the dance class this year because Nay is having trouble in school and I want to focus on learning activities for them this year. They will start Saturday Tutoring in October. However, Niah might do ice skating if I can ever get my but up and visit the ice arena. After watching Ice Princess she has been begging. I have been blog surfing lately and my friend Christine visited this cool website that generates a map like the one below that shows how much of the country you have visited. I have only visited 11% of the country so far. Just 6 states. I have been discussing this with Ezzy a lot in the last couple of months. I want to see more of the country. On my list North Carolina, Oregon, and Washington. Just always wanted to visit these areas. Hopefully I can get that percentage up in a couple of years.
create your own personalized map of the USA or check out ourCalifornia travel guide Well that is it for now. I will try to make more frequent entries, I promise.


Vee said...

i want to see every state!! :)

Christine said...

You will see them!

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