Thursday, February 05, 2009

Well .... let's see .... what have I been doing? Now that I think about it nothing really. Just working and taking care of home. No wild adventures or anything like that. Been readying the Twilight series books. I love it I have finished Twilight and I am half way through New Moon. I think I should be ready to move on the Eclipse by Next week.

I just found out that the dance team Nay is on will be performing at Disney on the 21st. I am so excited. This will be his first of quite a few performances this year.

Took a little family portrait the other night. Might blow this one up. I have plans to create a picture wall in my living room.

Nay took this one of me and Niah. He is getting really good at this. He want his own camera. Maybe for is birthday.

I haven't done much creating but I have some projects in my head that I would like to see come to life. Will probably start those soon. Oh I did do a painting but I will have to post pics of that later.


Leah Crowe said...

you guys are beautiful!

Christine said...

gorgeous! I definitely think either are blow-up worthy!! Wow.

latte_grande said...

They're both fabulous pictures! You all look fantastic. :)

Vee said...

gorgeous photos and that is fantastic about your dd performing at Disney World! :)

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