Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Good Bye Axiom.....

Anyone who knows me knows that I love my Dark Grey Isuzu Axiom. Well, old faithful has been giving problems lately. In spite of the problems she has been giving me I really found it hard to let her go. The Axiom is the first car I truly bought for myself and she has really not ‘til recently let me down. That car could hold everything. When we were moving into our house I know I fit everything but the kitchen sink in the back. Well, like every good thing, the time I spent with my Axiom must come to an end. I am heart broken but I will always have the memories. When one door closes another always opens. I had to get rid of the Axiom but I have gained a new car. Last night I got a Scion XB. I am not one to blend in and choosing this car is the perfect example of that. It was the only car I could find that was a more fuel efficient equivalent to the Axiom and I am very happy with it. Here is a pic I took today before it got dark.

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