Sunday, October 01, 2006

Boy weekends go fast.

Well, it took a while but I finally have a scrap desk. I am still working on the entire area but I am truely happy to have a desk. I will post pic of the entire area by the end of the week. I was able to unpack dishes I had packed away for the last three years. My grandmother gave me this China Cabinet and I sanded it and painted it Antique white. It sits in my kitchen against a bare wall. The dishes at the top are wedding gifts and the ones at the bottom where given to me by my mother -in-law. This is part of my work in progress kitchen. We replaced our back door today. What a task that was. Sad thing about it is when everything was done we realized it was hung the wrong way. We will have to remove it and turn it around tomorrow. Oh well that is how the story goes.


Christine R said...

love your scrap space! can't wait to see the final pictures. so warm. i actually like all the colors you have going on. i like color too! have fun making some rockin' layouts on your new desk!

Vee said...

good for you making a creative space just for you!

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