Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fall Leaves.....

Where is the time going? I feel like I was just giving Ezzy his Valentine's Day gift and now I am already thinking about Thanksgiving and what to buy people for Christmas. Today we are experiencing a small cold front, which is nothing here in Florida (70-75 degrees). While I was dropping Nayshawn off at school this morning he asked me why it was cold today. I told him we are experiencing a cold front. So he asked if it was winter. I said no not yet. It's fall now. Well that sent him on a mission to find colored leaves. My poor baby. He doesn't understand that we don't expereince the changing colors of fall here. No falling leaves. It was cute though. Maybe I should ask Aunty Kelly to send us some fall leaves for Nayshawn to have. Maybe we can even do a scrap page with them. Just a thought.

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