Thursday, October 05, 2006

A Reflection on my first 30 years....

I sit here on the day before my 30th Birthday reflecting on the first 30 years of my life. I have come so far and I know I still have far to go. What mark have I made on this world and the people I have met? Have I accomplished everything I hoped to accomplish by this point in my life? Am I living my life to the fullest? What are my plans for the next 30 years? Wow, I am overwhelming myself. But this is very important stuff. I need to know if I got side tracked in my vision for myself. So after hours of thought I have come to the realization that after years of creating a family and home I have just now start to live life again. I wouldn't change a thing I have done so far and I am very happy at what I have managed to accomplish in such a short time. I have worked very hard in the last couple of years to create a nice balance between work and home and I am happy I can sit back a enjoy life right now. I think before I started scrapbooking I never really stopped to absorb what was going on around me. But now I try to appreciate every moment. Have I made my mark. I think I am still leaving my mark. I can only hope I was able to touch and/or inspire everyone I have met during my journey in life in some way. Tomorrow I will celebrate my life and all I have done. I will appreciate the life I have lived and I will continue to appreciate it. I will not be sad about what I have not accomplished yet. I will set more goals and strive to achieve them. I will not let them consume me but guide me to be happy in my journey in life.

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