Monday, February 05, 2007

Super Bowl Weekend...

Besides the fact that I am holding in my stomach in this picture. I look damn good.

Ezzy and I went out Friday night to one of the clubs at the Hard Rock. It was OK but the hype was all for nothing. We didn't like the music. They had out of town DJ's and we were not happy with the music so we were going back and forth between the different rooms in the club. The only good thing was that they were giving away a lot of free stuff and we made sure we got what we could carry. Oh and free drinks too. That new Remy Martin drink. It was pretty good.

I am trying the ponytail thing for a while. Just getting tired of doing my hair.

Journaling on the picuture reads: A Girl.. Just wants to have fun. Just wants to be delicate. Just want to turn heads. Just wants to feel sexy.

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Vee said...

looking good girlie!!
love going out and having fun!!

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