Thursday, June 21, 2007

More Pics from Jamaica...

Only in Jamaica can a 7 yr old play pool in a bar. This is a picture of Nayshawn playing pool in my Dad's Bar. It would seem taboo here but there it is no big deal.
This is a picture of an area called Holland Bamboo. It is about a mile of road with bamboo on both side that cover the road to make a canopy. It is must prettier in real life.
OK so this was the only picture I have from the trip of all three of us. Those little stinkers. Just look at those faces. Got to love them. Took this picture when we went to Little Ochie to eat Curry Lobster. Yummy.
This is my great grandma which makes her Nayshawn and Niah's Great Great Grandma. What a beautiful thing. She is having a great time watching and listening to the kids play everyday.


Vee said...

gorgeous pictures love the one of the canopy of trees.
you great gram is precious, so blessed that your children know her :)

LuvJones said...

How fun is that!? Yes the picture of the trees is beautiful...don't see too much of that here in Cali!

I love Jamaica, can't wait to go back especially to Dunns River Falls!

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