Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Almost Passed Out.....

Since my kids came back from Jamaica on Sunday they have been staying with my mother-in-law's while I am at work. Today I got there just to see Nayshawn run up to me and show me that he knocked out his two front teeth (top). I almost passed out. He was doing a flip and his knee came up and knock his mouth and the two teeth fell out. The sad thing is that Ezzy knew and he didn't tell me. So needless to say I was hysterical. It is one thing to have them fall out but it is another thing to knock them out. I might have Ezzy make him a flipper so he doesn't have to walk around with that gap. Although I don't think it matters to him. I took him to the park because I felt bad about getting all worked up about it. I also wanted to try out my new lens (50mm 1.8). I think I am in love.
Here are more pics of the kids rooms. Good night.


Vee said...

that is an awesome lens!!
I love their rooms
I would have lost it too but be glad it wasn't his permenant teeth :)

Christine said...

Love the colors! Glad they are back home safely, even if missing a few teeth! Ah kids!

LuvJones said...

OMG that would almost make me pass out too!!!! Lord have mercy...is this what I have to look forward to?!

The rooms look great!

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