Thursday, June 26, 2008

I have a little winner....

My Daughter did a pageant and got 1st runner up which is really good since she had never done one before. And before anyone gets bent out of shape. She asked me if she could be in a pageant. I always wanted something like this to be her decision not mine. I didn't force her. As a former pageant queen myself, I believe there is much to be learned and many experiences to be gained from the entire pageant experience. For one it teaches social and interview skills. It also teaches how to loose gracefully. Which I am so proud of Niah, she was one of the few little girls that did not cry. She was just happy to be apart of the whole thing and it did help that she received a trophy. She also got a prize for the best smile. After receiving that she said it was the best night of her life. LOL.
Over all I am very proud of my little lady. She is truly an inspiration to me.
Formal Wear

Causal Wear

2nd Runner-up, Winner & 1st Runner-up

Here are the little gifts we brought for the participants. 35 little bookmarks.

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Shan said...

congrats little miss! You looked beautiful! Shawna, I love your photos.

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