Sunday, June 08, 2008

What Have I been doing???

Wow were do I begin? Well Friday marked the end of the school year for the kids. They are officially on summer break. Luck for them. Niah had an end of year program. Their theme was Disney and her class sang the Bear Necessities from the Jungle book. They were just too cute.
I have been busy and stressed for the last couple of weeks because I have been interviewing for a new job. So with the interviewing process and then the training someone to take my old position when I am gone I have been just mentally exhausted. But I am happy to say I will start my new job tomorrow morning. I am so excited. I will be moving up in my career, supervising a staff, and back in the area of accounting I love. It also doesn't hurt that I will be making way more money. I am very sad to leave my old company where I have been for 4 1/2 years but ready to move on. My co-workers took me out to happy hour to wish me off. All I can say is White Chocolate Martini.

Also Friday was Niah's 6th birthday. I have no babies any more. My old company was having a family day event yesterday at Jungle Island (which is close to South Beach) so we went and also celebrated her birthday and my cousin's birthday (which is on the 7th)at the same time. Then three of her cousins baked for her. She had two sets of cupcakes and a cake.

Today we went to Build-a-Bear.


Christine said...

congrats on the new job! just 10 more years and she'll be driving and it'll happen super fast. looks like she had a great birthday!

LuvJones said...

WOW! You been busy girl! All the pics look great!
Hope you are doing well!

Breann said...

congrats on the new job and happy belated birthday to your "big" girl!

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