Monday, May 17, 2010

May 17th 2010

How could I have forgotten to tell you guys the best news .... I have found a job and I actually am going on my 3rd week at work. It's a great company and a wonderful environment (unlike where I was working before). I really hope it stays that way. I was so stressed out at my last job that I was having massive headaches and even insomnia. I have decided that my philosophy will be to just go to work get my work done and go home. Really not trying to make friends. Of course I will have to socialize but I will consider my co-workers just that co-workers. I have come to the conclusion that once you bring friendship or want to be friendships in the mix it just causes a whole lot of trouble especially when there are women involved. I am looking for a peaceful working environment and if that means not getting mixed up in that whole friendship thing that's what I plan to do.
This weekend will be a busy one. The kids dance recital is on Sunday with a dress rehearsal on Saturday. No rest for the Mommies. I don't mind though, I really enjoy watching them do what they love to do. And then after that it will be a break for the summer. I am so ready to relax and go at a slower pace. I only have one trip planned for the summer so far maybe two. One will be to Jamaica. I haven't been back since my grandmother died 2 years ago. Am I ready??? Not sure but gotta do it. My Dad has got some really great spots that he's found for me to take photos of. So that has got me excited.
I haven't created anything in a while. I was browsing older posted the other day with all my scrapbook pages and painting and realize I really got to get on that. That is part of who I am and I've lost it. Being creative has always made me happy. So my goal for the summer is to start creating again.
TTYL .... hugs Shawna

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