Friday, July 09, 2010

Lesson Learned ....

The other day I was in deed thought about a friend of mine. We're not really close but when we see each other we talk and laugh and crack jokes. We are connected through facebook so I occasionally see what's going on based on status updates. Every time I see him he's smiling and joking and really enjoying life. He's had some medical problems for a while now but most of the time when you see him you would never know. He never lets it get him down. I love his spirit and his character and wish I could be more like that. Cause honestly there is no reason complaining and crying over things we can't change. Or complaining about something that we make no attempt to change. Anyways I saw him the other day and commented on a depressing status update he had on his wall (which was very out of character for him). He explained that things were more serious than first thought but that he had taken a step back to recharge and go at it again. And as usual he was cracking jokes, laughing and radiating with that beautiful spirit I'm always so envious of.

We could all learn something from his view on life. Enjoy life to the fullest and when you feel like you can't take anymore:  step back, recharge and go at it again.

I'm not preaching or anything just wanted to share.

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