Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Saturday Afternoon Movie And Niah's New Dress

OK I went and saw Eclipse...Loved it. I am very happy with the new director. He did a wonderful job of staying as true to the book as possible. Now that I was able to see the story on the big screen it makes my heart hurt for Jacob even more. I love his spunk and his drive but I feel bad that he has to be in love with someone that is obviously in love with someone else. Currently slowly reading Breaking Dawn. Heard that they will be splitting this one into 2 movies. Good more to look forward to.

Finished a cute little dress for Niah that she wore to the movie. She made me feel so good because she was so proud of it. I let her pick the fabric which made her even more excited about the dress. She wanted it down to her ankles but I decide it would be better mid-calf. I'm just so happy she likes it enough to brag that her Mommy made it for her. LOL

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