Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Here is the picture of Niah and my mom that I promised. I love it. Ezzy says it looks like they are floating. I guess in a way it does. It is just luck that they happen to be wearing the same color. This fighting with Nayshawn and Niah is really driving me crazy. I just had to calm Nayshawn down. He is upset for something. Still not sure after about 10 minutes of talking to him. I assume Niah did something that he did like. She is not giving up any info on the subject. So I just have to let me lay in my bed away from her and just calm down. Let's hope it works.
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Christine said...

Great photo! It does look like they are floating. Hope they worked it out, it's tough having siblings sometimes. What's great is no matter what the fight is in the end they still love each other.

Katie said...

That is a WONDERFUL picture. :) I love it, oh and my 2 fight all the time. It is a rare day that they don't have to sit in their rooms several times to calm down after a big fight...drives me nuts!

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