Saturday, April 28, 2007

Take Your Child to Work Day...

OK Thursday was take your child to work day. So Nayshawn came to work with me. I didn't think he would enjoy it because of course I am an accountant. What could possibly be exciting about watching an accountant. Sometime I even get bored. But in actuality he had a great time. Everyone was just so in love with him. For the first part of the day he watched his shows on his Video Ipod. We had Burger King for lunch. Which was a plus for him. And after lunch he spent most of the time in a co-worker's office. I have pic that I will share later. Today it is Dance class for the kids. I can't wait until June when this will all be done. I will be happy to sleep in on Saturdays. I also have a couple of errands to run. Then my cousin is headed to prom. Not her prom, she is just helping out. But she wants me to come take some pictures of her before she goes. Then one of my best friends Tasha is turning 30 next week and she is having a fancy B-day party tonight so Ezzy and I will be headed to that while my Mom stays with the kids.

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