Sunday, April 15, 2007

My weekend....

Well I cut my hair this week. I think I like it.
Got to fold these clothes. Laundry is a little backed up.
Look at Niah's room. Can't understand why she can't keep it clean.
Nay stayed with my Mom for a few hours yesterday and they stopped at WalMart and bought this little radio for a dollar. It is just too cute and it work great.
I am Watching Ricky Bobby, Taledega Nights.


Jess said...

Hey Shawna! The haircut looks great!!


Michelle said...

Love the haircut, you look so cute :)

PS - my daughter's room is never clean. Actually both girls' rooms are always messy. What is that?

Christine said...

I love your hair! Looks awesome and I do think it's a girl thing. I'm on mine all the time but everywhere else she likes to help son no problem but sometimes it smells like a sweaty boy.

Vee said...

love your new do!!
i want to see that movie, did you like it?
my children's room is the same way. :)

Katie said...

What is it with these girls?? :) Mine is a total slob! :) I feel better now about my obscene pile of laundry. :) Hee hee!

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