Friday, August 24, 2007

One Full Week of School .....

This week kinda flew by. Kids are doing really well in school. No complaints. Nayshawn is learning plot graphs. I know it was a long time ago but I really don't remember learning about plot graphs in 2nd grade. I am glad that he finds it interesting. Niah is learning really basic stuff that is kinda pissing her off. She wants to learn things she doesn't know yet. But I keep tell her it will soon come. Her book bag got a mysterious whole in it so I had to get her a new one. Her sneakers she claimed was squeezing her pinkie toes so I had to buy her new shoes. That little girl is expensive. Overall she is having a good time. Tonight they get to pick what they eat for dinner and I really hope it is not McDonald's.
My weekend - My girlfriend is having a baccalaureate party complete with stripper. I have not watched a stripper since I was in college. I think it should be entertaining. After the stripper we should be headed to the club. I plan on sleeping in on Sunday for sure.
I really don't want to leave you without a picture, so here you go.


LuvJones said...

That is funny! Sounds like your baby girl is high maintenance! LOL! Well i am glad she is interested and eager to learning new things! Thats something we don't hear everyday!
Glad son is doing well too!

Have fun at that party girl!

Staci said...

love the new layouts!! My daughter doesn't start school till next week......not looking forward to that getting up earlier!!!

adrienne said...

You are so creative! Luvvin the bling touches.
Have a blast at the party!!
wish I could be there hehe

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