Monday, August 20, 2007

First Day of School....

Well the first day of school is finally here. I am so glad.... some normality. Niah started Kindergarten. I thought she would be sad because she had been saying she didn't want to go but she gave no problems. I think it is because she has Nayshawn's Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Diaz who she is familiar with. I love it when things go smoothly. Nayshawn on the other hand was so ready he got up early yesterday and packed his book bag. I took the day off work so I will be going over to the school to watch and make sure they get on the correct bus for after care.
Oh the pic of Nayshawn in his class is so far because he didn't want me to embarrass him by taking pics of him in his classroom. Imagine that. Now to do some scrapping.

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Michelle said...

Cute pics! The kids look adorable and I can't wait to see the pages you make. My baby starts high school tomorrow so I'm a mess right now.

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