Friday, November 02, 2007

My Grandfather Died Yesterday....

My grandfather (dad's father who lived in Jamaica) died yesterday after a 2 week battle with an infectious decease called leptospirous. Caught early this decease is curable but on his first visit to the Doctor 2 weeks ago he was told he had the flu and was sent home. After a week of antibiotics and with his symptoms getting worse he was taken to another doctor where he was diagnosed with leptospirous and rushed to the hospital. By the time he got to the hospital he was already in stage two and the decease had already shut down his liver and attach other organs. He lost his fight yesterday after a week in the hospital. It all happened so fast so I don't think it has really set in. They have already released the body to our family and I am awaiting the funeral date from my dad. I ask for your prayers for my family during this time.
Update on my accident - a lot of the pain has passed. Just some pain between my shoulder blades and in my lower back. I think I will have to visit the Chiropractor (sp?).
Here are some of my favorite Halloween Pics of the kids. Here is Dorthy from the Wizard of OZ sorting through here candy. She ended up being Dorthy because the school said the smaller kids could only wear costumes that related to the farm or harvest. Dorthy lived on a farm. It's the best I could do.
Here is my air force pilot. They didn't have the camouflage army costume so he picked the pilots. Do you see a pattern here. Camouflage room, bed and clothes. Future military man? I hope not.

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Christine said...

okay she is way cuter than the original dorothy!

I am so sorry about your grandfather =(

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