Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Today I am feeling some what better about how things have gone over the last week. So I created this LO with the words of my dear Mother. " What doesn't Kill you, only makes you stronger." Just saying them helps me calm down and put things back into prospective. And had to make it in my favorite colors Yellow and Orange. Those colors are just so bright and cheerful and nothing puts a smile on my face faster. I also wanted to thank everyone who sent well wishes and prayers for me and my family during this time. Took the kids to the park on Sunday because I felt bad that the were cloaked up in the house all day on Saturday. The guest bathroom toilet overflowed and Ezzy and I spend most of the day cleaning up and installing a new toilet. The old one was just no good anymore. So on Sunday I got up and went to the Grocery store and when I got back picked out something for Niah to wear. Well, Miss Thing did not want to wear what I picked out so she picked this outfit out instead. Very fashionable that one is. I only hope that she will continue to dance to the beat of her own music. I just love that about her. And here is Mr. Serious. There weren't a lot of boys his age at the park on Sunday so he was not in the mood to be there. Spent most of his time chilling with Mom until he found someone to play with. We went to Cold Stone's for ice cream after.
I will leave you with a layout I did for the Survivor Challenge over at tallyscrapper. Now that I think about it, I did the challenge wrong. The theme was something you are thankful for using buttons, ribbon/trim, and exposed cardboard. Why did I think it said cardstock. I think the accident shook up my brain a little to much. Oh well it is done and uploaded to the gallery and there is nothing I can do now. Next time I will read the challenge several times before I create the LO. The sad thing about it is The LO at the top is the first LO I did for the challenge and realize the theme was thankful. Silly me.


Vee said...

hang in there, love your pages and your kids are so cute!! my mom says the same thing. I am sorry to hear that your grandpa died. :(

Nessa said...

love your layouts girl!!!!
lub lub lub

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