Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Good News and Eclipse

Well let's see .... Today was a good day. I just found out I made the Tallyscrapper Design Team.... Yay Me!!!! This is wonderful news. I went back to Tally for some well needed scrapbooking inspiration. I decided it would be fun to enter the design team contest and I can't believe I made it. You know what that mean???? I've got the motivation and inspiration I need to get me scrapping again. Check out the layouts I entered:

Looking forward to seeing Eclipse at the IMAX on Saturday. Can you imagine seeing Taylor Lautner shirtless on that huge IMAX screen. Call me a cougar if you want but I know a good looking guy when I see one. When I first started reading these books. I was TeamEdward all the way. But I am currently on the last book Breaking Dawn and I will tell you that I have grandually switched sides. Jacob has my heart now and I think he has gotten the wrong end of the deal. So it's TeamJacob for me all the way. For those of you who have seen Eclipse already I hope you enjoyed it and for those who haven't What are you waiting for.


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