Friday, October 12, 2007

More Party Pictures....

I got my mom's camera last night and uploaded the pics she took of the party. We sure did have a good time.
Think I am going to scrap this weekend and maybe take the kids to the beach or park. We will see.
One last thing..... I was tagged by Nessa
Here are 7 random things about me....
1. I was once a beauty queen.
2. I love the colors orange & yellow.
3. I love to decorate although I am not very good at it.
4. I love going to the park with the kids every chance I get.
5. I watch Grey's Anatomy every Thursday.
6. When I first met my husband I was very skeptic as to why he wanted to date me. It took me a long while to lighten up to him.
7. My family calls my scrappy because I love to scrap so much.
Now you know just a little bit more about me.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


shirley said...

Happy Birthday Shawna!!!

Love the pictures and the 7 random things about you Scrappy!! ;0)

Nessa said...


Leah said...

Happy belated Birthday, looks like you had a blast!!

Staci Compher said...

Happy birthday!!! looks like you guys had a blast!!!!!!

Becky said...

happy birthday. What fun pictures

Dolores said...

Happy belated birthday, love all the fun pics!

Christine said...

Happy belated Birthday! You and your friends and family must turn some serious heads when you are all together cos you guys are seriously hot!

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