Thursday, October 25, 2007

Silly is as Silly Does....

Yes we can still be silly after being together for 8 1/2 yrs. and married for 5 1/2 yrs. I really had so much fun hanging out with my hubby this past weekend. We had one of our weekend getaways that I just love so much. We did Tampa this time. The second time this year but we just can't get enough of the Busch Garden rides and the Hal-o-Scream was good too. Ezzy had a field day laughing at me being scared out of my mind. This picture was taken after driving for 3 hours non-stop. Now, I know for some people that is nothing but for me it is a lot and I only really endure it because the end result is worth it. I love this shot in the mirror. This is right before we headed back out to the park for the Hal-o-Scream. Can you see that devious smile on Ezzy's face. He had it all planned in his head how he was going to help those Busch Garden park employees scare the sh!t out of me.

OK and now a little something in the spirit of Halloween. I brought home some Halloween cookies couple of nights ago for the kiddies. We will be going to get costumes this weekend. Well really just a costume for Niah because Nayshawn said he didn't want a costume this year. Maybe I will try to find him a orange shirt or something.

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Vee said...

cute pics! :)

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