Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Almost the Weekend....

My weekends just seems to sneak up on me. I feel like it was just Sunday and now we are looking at Thursday. On Sunday Aunty Kelly (my best friend and the kid's godmother) stopped by for a visit. She lives in New York and we don't see her very often. It was a nice relaxing day and before she left I made sure to get some pics.

Even caught one of them snuggling in Nayshawn's bed watching TV.

Oh and FYI - I still have not gotten anything from the wish list I posted a couple weeks ago. Went to Payless, they only had the shoes in green. That sucks. I am still looking though. As for the other items, I just have not gotten around to it.

EDITED: I am really loosing it. I just realized that today is only Wednesday. That sucks. Now I know I need a break.


whetzel momma said...

The weekend CAN'T come soon enough... I'm SO ready. I did get a good laugh at you posting on Weds!!

Christine said...

bring on the weekend! umm I know I've said this before but everyone in your family is good lookin'. Like model material. Love the new tutu too!

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