Thursday, April 10, 2008

I've Been Creative.

Yes folks I have been creative. The other day I was feeling a little down and decided to try my hand at painting again. I made one big old mess but I must say I like the out come. I hung it above the front door. Check it out.
Here is a longer view. I Just hung it on a nail that was already there so Ezzy will have to fix it properly over the weekend. Sorry for the reflection from the mirror. But you get the point. I also took the railroad pics that are hanging on the side.
Look, spring is in the air. My flowers (the only set) are blooming. I have to start getting my yard back in order. I have been a little lazy about that but 2008 is a whole new ballgame.
Also Nayshawn's best buddy came over to take pictures the other night and I got this great picture of the both of them. They sure do love each other and man when they get together all you know what breaks loose.
I have some news about Niah but I will post that later. TTFN

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