Thursday, April 17, 2008

See Maggatti, Jamaica

Every time I go back to Jamaica I try to go someplace I have never been before. As small as the island is I know there are places I have yet to venture. This time my Dad took me, my Mom and my cousins to a place called Maggatti. Not a lot of people know about it, not even those from Jamaica. There is a river that runs through it (LOL isn't that a movie) and it is gorgeous. I don't even think the river has a name. Basically it looks like someone decided to create a clearing close to the river where people can go and have get-togethers. I love it. It was the most beautiful virtually untouched piece of nature I have ever seen. It has been raining a lot during our visit so the water is red from the red dirt in the area. My mom and My cousin Suzie.My MomMy dad says this big pipe brings water from the other end of the river in the mountains to the people that live in town near by. My cousin Reneece and I admiring the sights.

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Christine said...

gorgeous! you take such fabulous photos!

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