Thursday, May 17, 2007

Random Thoughts....

Love this pic of Niah being silly. With her dreads. Just kidding. He hair does look like dreads in this pic. That child has so much personality. She will turn 5 on June 6th. I still is hard to believe. She almost didn't make it to birth and even after I had her she flat lined and now she is getting ready to go to school.
This little sweety is my niece Aliyah. I got the opportunity to take some pics of her on Sunday. Tons of fun but I was exhausted trying to keep up with her.
Went out with the girls last night to celebrate my friend Tia's birthday. Let just say the server had a hard time focusing on getting our order straight. We ate at a Polynesian restaurant in Ft Lauderdale. Very fun night but I am paying for it now. The night air caused my sinuses to get infected. I took some meds and I am off to bed.

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scrapandthecity said...

fab photos!!!

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